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Draft Date: ALL DATES
NameDescriptionTypeScoringDraftDraft DateMembers
New England Fantasy Basketball League
Players from New England, preferablyPublicH2HLive10/25/16 10AM ET6 of 12Join
People who watch basketballPublicH2HLive10/26/16 1PM ET5 of 12Join
NBA Fantasy Elites
Active PlayersPublicH2HLive10/26/16 2:30PM ET3 of 12Join
New England fansPublicH2HLive10/27/16 8:30PM ET10 of 12Join
Dont QuitPublicH2HLive10/27/16 8:30PM ET6 of 12Join
postal bball
allwelcomePublicH2HLive10/28/16 7PM ET4 of 12Join
So. Dakota
S.D. basketball fansPublicH2HLive10/28/16 8:30PM ET1 of 12Join
Raps vs NBA
CompetitivePublicH2HLive10/29/16 4PM ET5 of 12Join
The Key is to partakePublicH2HLive10/29/16 4PM ET3 of 12Join
Daily Hoopla
Serious owners only, please.PublicStdRotoLive10/29/16 11:30AM ET11 of 12Join
West Coast
Warriors #1PublicH2HLive10/29/16 10PM ET5 of 12Join
Kawhi Me a River
Have Fun ....No Whining....CompetePublicH2HLive10/29/16 11:30AM ET3 of 12Join
Losers Lounge
For Sixers FansPublicH2HLive10/30/16 10PM ET7 of 12Join
CompetitivePublicH2HLive10/30/16 7PM ET4 of 12Join
2017 NBA space JAM
your favorite cartoon character or NBA playerPublicH2HLive10/30/16 8:30PM ET8 of 12Join
Bunny Smiles
Fun league..please joinPublicH2HLive10/30/16 1PM ET2 of 12Join
The 8-6-5
Where you from, fool?PublicH2HLive10/30/16 8:30PM ET7 of 12Join
Favorite tv show and cartoon from the 90s
For funPublicStdRotoLive11/1/16 10PM ET1 of 12Join
Working On My Suck
Family leaguePublicH2HLive11/3/16 7PM ET1 of 12Join
We Got Da Keys
We got the keys of all success!!! Secure the bag alert !PublicH2HLive11/3/16 10PM ET4 of 12Join
College Fantasy
College team namesPublicH2HLive11/5/16 7PM ET4 of 12Join
Jons redemption year
Air Enterprises distraction hobbyPublicH2HLive11/5/16 10AM ET6 of 12Join
Smoky Mountain Fantasy League
Smokin in the SmokiesPublicH2HLive11/6/16 10PM ET3 of 12Join
NBA Hardwood Floors
5 vs 5 (Enough Said)PublicH2HLive11/24/16 10PM ET3 of 12Join